Kayhil Infrastructure

KayHil Freight’s fleet is such:

Linehaul Vehicles comprise of two Toyota Hino 18 tonners on the Johannesburg route and a Toyota Hino 18 tonner and a Toyota Hino 13 tonner on the Bloemfontein route. Express Linehaul Vehicles comprise Mercedes Benz Sprinter 518CDI.

Delivery Vehicles – Johannesburg:
One Toyota Dyna 4093, one Toyota Dyna 300, two Peugeot Boxer 3HDI and an Opel Corsa 1.8.

Delivery Vehicles – Bloemfontein:
One Toyota Dyna 4093, one Toyota Dyna 5093, one Opel Corsa 1.8

Delivery Vehicles – Durban
One Nissan

Delivery Vehicles – Maseru:
One Toyota Hino 8 tonner, three Toyota Dyna 4093’s, one Toyota Dyna 5093, one Toyota Dyna 300, one Toyota Quantum 2.7TDI, three Opel Corsa’s 1.4, one Mercedes Benz Sprinter 318CDI, two Suzuki Motorbikes (100cc / 200cc).

All vehicles have Netstar Vigil Tracking Systems.
We maitain Toyota forklifts at all Kayhil Freight Branches.